Firebird AST is a market-recognized leader within the U.S. intelligence, DoD, homeland security, law enforcement, and information technology communities. We have a firm understanding of the challenges these communities are facing, and we have established, actionable relationships that allow us to support government-wide strategic plans as well as support private sector clients.

Firebird AST is strategically positioned to help shape intelligence integration, information-sharing solutions, and actionable analysis for the identity-related problem sets.

We have a deep and clear understanding of the current and future challenges facing our customers and are strategically positioned to help improve and shape solutions focused on intelligence integration, information-sharing, identifying/predicting current and/or emerging threats, and reducing and/or interdicting threats and threat networks.

Our team members have extensive real-world experience supporting the critical missions and requirements of the U.S. military and the federal government. 

We possess a broad range of specialized skills and expert experience. While nearly all of our team members are veterans, each has extensive real-world experience supporting the critical missions and requirements of the U.S. military and the federal government—in both wartime and relative “peace,” at U.S.-based locations, and embedded with and working side by side with military units in conflict or combat zones.

We maintain a clear and unique understanding of the fluid and dynamic environments that exist on today’s battlefields—overseas and in the homeland—as well as in the global marketplace.

We deliver actionable, fused, all source intelligence analysis while improving intelligence and information sharing and integration. As a result, we possess hard earned, well established, relationships and are strategically positioned not only to best support U.S. military, DoD, federal government clients, immediate needs but also to play a vital role in supporting our customer’s broader, longer-range strategic plans and objectives. This experience and perspective makes us extremely valuable to our private sector customers as well as they face today’s challenges.

We are on a constant search for new information, methodologies, and technologies that will significantly enhance our customer’s capabilities while reducing their vulnerabilities, costs, and exposure.

We are confident that our success is not only a direct result of our decades of hard work and performance, but is largely based on the trust and respect bestowed upon us by our customers due to Firebird AST maintaining a corporate culture deeply rooted in the U.S. military core values that gave us our start — honor, integrity, selfless-service, and commitment to our customers’ needs and mission.

Firebird AST is passionate about the high quality services we provide as well as our deliberate, daily efforts to constantly improve and evolve new ones. 

Firebird AST is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) based in Northern Virginia. It was founded by and is composed of highly regarded professionals who possess decades of experience providing innovative technologies and key analytical, intelligence, and operational support to U.S. DoD special operations and conventional force missions as well as U.S. government and private sector requirements.






Bruce MacNair  Chief Executive Officer macnairb@firebirdast.net

Randy Lange  Chief Strategy Officer langer@firebirdast.net

Firebird AST’s Managing Partners, Bruce MacNair and Randy Lange, began working together over a decade ago while at a large federal contractor supporting key missions for the national security community. They possess deep technical expertise related to supporting the special operations, intelligence and law enforcement communities, as well as business acumen honed through significant experience in large, small, and mid-tier companies. Just as important, both share a deep commitment to the success of their customers, employees, and partners. Firebird AST strives to always “do the right thing” especially when it’s difficult.